Seminar: Managing competences in learning design

Vabandan, et see kutse nii viimasel hetkel tuleb. Selgus, et haridustehnoloogia magistrante pole veel teavitatud sellest, et teisipäeval 14.12 toimub meil rahusvaheline seminar.

Managing competences in learning design
Projects, specifications and trends in competency based education

14 December 14:00 – 18:00 T201 (Narva mnt 25).

Presenters and Topics
Jad Najjar – Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
1. How to define and manage learning outcomes – ICOPER LOD specification
2. How to describe and share achieved learning outcomes – ICOPER PALO specification

Mart Laanpere – Tallinn University
3. Scaffolding Competence Management and Knowledge Building in Extended Organisation – IntelLEO

Open discussion
4. Future opportunities

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